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Breaking into JAPAN SEO: A Guide for Foreign Businesses on Web Marketing and SEO

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This book is targeted at American companies looking to expand into Japan. While many foreign businesses attempt to enter the Japanese market, numerous companies are compelled to retreat due to their inability to properly adapt.

In this context, the book provides tips for success in web marketing, particularly in SEO, drawn from real-life examples and experiences, aimed at helping American companies make a successful entry into Japan.

It candidly discusses the causes and cases of failures for foreign businesses based on firsthand experiences. Understanding these failure factors can significantly increase the chances of success. This book is particularly intended for the management teams of American corporations.

Table of content
About the Author
Chapter1Why Enter Japan?
Chapter2 Web Marketing Strategies Effective in Japan
Chapter3 Japan’s Unique Evolution of SEO& Current SEO Trends
Chapter4 Types of SEO Companies in Japan
Chapter5 Common Pitfalls and Troubles with Foreign Companies in Japan
Chapter6 Our Success Stories with ForeignCompanies Entering the Japanese Market
Chapter7 Introduction to Tokyo SEO Maker
Chapter8 Conclusion

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