About Tokyo SEO Maker

Tokyo SEO Maker is a digital marketing team adept at solving all challenges through strategic consulting. Founded in 2012 by a leader passionate about web research and SEO since the dawn of search engines, we’ve developed unique top-ranking methods and efficient internal systems to deliver superior quality services.

We continuously update our techniques and insights to expand our business into all aspects of digital marketing. We believe that optimizing marketing, like to optimizing search engines, is the quickest route to revenue growth.

With our extensive research and practical experience, we’ve committed to providing our utmost performance for our clients, supporting over 2,000 companies worldwide as of 2023.

Meet Our Consultants

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant
Takeshi Amano
He is a marketing expert holding a GAIQ. After graduating from Nihon University’s Faculty of Law, he broadened his international perspective and language skills through extensive travel in Australia, Italy, France, Thailand, Cambodia, and a year-and-a-half-long stay in the UK. Before founding Admano in 2012, he gained 12 years of valuable sales experience in an advertising agency.

SEO Consultant-kuragami

SEO Consultant
Web Analyst
Ayaka Kuragami
SEO consultant and web analyst, backed
by extensive experience in web production. Starting her career as a coder, she developed expertise in UI/UX design and analytics. Her transition to an SEO consultant and web analyst was driven by her diverse experiences in website creation, enabling her to develop specialized strategies for our clients.


SEO Consultant
Web marketer
Noriyoshi Otaki
A specialist involved in advertising operations and recruitment support for many years. Holder of Google Analytics Individual Qualification GAIQ. Worked in an advertising agency for 20 years, supporting various advertising contents, mainly in the recruitment field, as a marketer. After joining Admano, responsible primarily for job site SEO and owned media strategic planning consultation.


International Web Consultant


SEO Consultant
Web Analyst
Paveena Suphawet
A trilingual professional in English, Thai, and Japanese, she has numerous achievements in international SEO. She studied the latest IT technologies at Assumption International University, Thailand, and majored in International Business at the University of Greenwich, UK. After She worked at ExxonMobil’s in Thai, she became a member of Admano.


SEO Consultant
Mathieu,Julien VILLARD
Graduated from the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Grenoble in France, obtained a Brevet de technicien supérieur MCO (Management of Commercial Operations), and a Diplôme Européen d’Études Supérieures en Marketing (European Diploma in Advanced Marketing Studies). Currently responsible for Japanese public relations in the nuclear industry at a French company, with deep knowledge of Japanese culture and history. Skilled in coding and technical SEO. Active as a representative at Admano’s French branch.

The logo’s concept

東京SEOメーカーロゴThe logo inspired by SEO takes its cue from “algorithms and gears,” representing the intricate combination of ranking algorithms. It embodies both the “mechanical image of SEO” and the “thought cycle of SEO” in a simple and refined design. It symbolizes a company committed to delivering long-term results unaffected by changing times, rather than seeking temporary success.

A Message from Our Founder

The IT revolution around 1995, with the widespread adoption of the internet, transformed lives globally.

Inspired by the limitless potential of the web, I began researching search engines. Tokyo SEO Maker, founded on the profound impact of SEO on various websites, continues to grow and tackle new challenges.

Despite the onset of the AI revolution in 2022, our commitment remains unchanged, as we continue to conduct vital business for society.

We strive to blend our proven techniques with cutting-edge technology, always focusing on delivering high-quality services that resonate with our clients. Our mission is to continue driving change from Tokyo to the world.

Company Overview

Trade Name Tokyo SEO Maker
Parent Company Admano Corporation(
Registered Number 0115-01-017825
Established July 11, 2012
Founder Takeshi Amano
Capital ¥10,000,000
Phone 03-5394-8107
Fax 03-5980-9170
Address Japan 3-1-1 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Sugamo Sakuramikimachi Building 301
America office  2570 North First Street 2nd Floor PMB #Sj2-531 San Jose, CA 95131
France office 2, Impasse les Coteaux de Barbière 26130 Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux France
Thai office 257/76 Soi Pracha Chuen 30, Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800  Thailand
Core Services Search Engine Optimization (SEM & SEO)
Web Production
System Development
Web Marketing
Internet Advertising Business
Transactional Banks Johoku Shinkin Bank, Komagome Branch
Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Main Branch Sales Department

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