Traffic Increased by 96 Times in Two Years | LCS Corporation

Traffic Increased by 96 Times in Two Years | LCS CorporationTraffic Increase by 96 Times in Two Years! Case Study of a Purchase Site
The purchasing store is an online buyback site operated by LCS Corporation, specializing in smartphones, mobile phones, home appliances, electronic devices, daily necessities, and Amazon gift card buybacks. Until now, they had never implemented SEO measures. In two years of SEO implementation, the site’s traffic increased 96 times (from 616 monthly visits to 59,915).


Client’s Background and Request

When contacted in 2021, the site’s design was different. The client was struggling with web acquisition and found Tokyo SEO Maker through an internet search.

The client’s wish was to rank higher for specific keywords related to their buyback services.


Client’s Challenges

  • Ineffective web acquisition
  • Outdated design
  • Decrease in sales

Key Points and Strategies of the SEO Campaign

  1. Keyword Strategy Formulation
  2. SEO Site Internal Modification Diagnosis
  3. Content SEO and Content SEO Guide
  4. Off-page SEO (Link Building/SEO External Measures)
  5. Design Layout Revision

Keyword Strategy

The buyback services included specific items like smartphones, mobile phones, home appliances, electronic devices, daily necessities, and Amazon gift cards. The primary keywords for phase one were determined to be ‘smartphone buyback,’ ‘home appliance buyback,’ ‘electronic device buyback,’ ‘daily necessities buyback,’ etc. In phase two, we further refined these, like ‘iPhone buyback’ to ‘iPhone 8 buyback,’ establishing long-tail keywords.


SEO Site Internal Modification Diagnosis

After selecting keywords, we modified the titles and meta descriptions for all pages. We progressed with necessary internal SEO measures like site directory modification, image compression, and internal link building.


Content SEO

We continuously uploaded articles separate from the service pages and built internal links to these service pages. We implemented the topic cluster model for SEO.


Off-Page SEO (SEO External Measures)

We acquired backlinks from medium-scale media. After a year, the site began to rank higher, illustrating the delayed, yet strong effect of backlinks.


Design Layout Revision

About six months after starting SEO measures, the client revamped the site’s design layout. Following this, the traffic further increased.


Post-SEO Campaign Results

  • High ranking for each keyword
  • High ranking for long-tail keywords
  • From 60 keywords in the top 10 to 151 keywords (as of November 2022)
  • From 311 ranking keywords to 10,875 (as of November 2022)
  • Traffic increase: From 616 visits per month to 59,182 – a 96-fold increase

Organic Traffic Trends

Traffic Trends

Ranking Fluctuations




From the SEO Consultant

This case highlights the importance of keyword strategy. For e-commerce and online payment sites, it’s crucial to categorize and separately address service search queries and article queries. We focus on building internal links to pillar pages, deciding which pages to rank higher, and implementing supporting cluster articles. Database-type SEO for e-commerce and job sites requires different expertise. UI and UX are also crucial, as evidenced by the increased traffic following the site’s design layout renewal.


Supervised by

SEO Consultant

Takeshi Amano, CEO, Admano Co., Ltd.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at Nihon University, Takeshi Amano worked for an advertising agency for 12 years before encountering SEO. He began researching SEO during the early stages of its development and conducted experiments and verifications on over 100 websites. He founded his own company and is currently in his 11th year of operation. Takeshi handles sales, SEO consulting, web analytics (Google Analytics Individual Qualification holder), coding, and website creation. The company has been involved in SEO for over 2,000 websites to date.