Merits and Attractions of Entering Japan.

Merits and Attracitons of entering japanIn this article, we will explain the advantages of foreign companies expanding into the Japanese market.



Office survey report


According to a 2004 Cabinet Office survey report, the merits and attractions of entering Japan were:


  • “Well-established infrastructure” (58.7%)
  • “Great market potential” (50.8%)
  • “High level of technical skill” (50.8%)


These survey results suggest that the image of Japan strongly influences perceptions more than the actual situation.


Furthermore, in secondary surveys:


  • A market with large personal financial assets where high-value-added products sells
  • A consumer base that is sensitive to new technology


were also noted.

Companies already active in Japan tend to feel these benefits more strongly across almost all categories compared to companies not yet active in Japan.

This suggests that companies operating in Japan have recognized the country’s allure and entered the market, whereas those not yet active in Japan haven’t realized it yet.

It could also mean that companies active in Japan recognize these benefits more strongly because they have actually enjoyed them.

6 benefits of foreign companies entering Japan in business

  1. Huge Market
  2. Technological Innovation
  3. Stability and Reliability:
  4. Consumer Orientation
  5. Strategic Location
  6. Enhanced International Competitiveness


Huge Market

Japan boasts the world’s third-largest economy with a population of over 100 million and a significant number of high-income individuals, creating demand for a wide range of products and services.

Technological Innovation

Japan is renowned as a leader in technology, offering foreign companies access to its technological advancements and opportunities to establish new partnerships.

Stability and Reliability

Japan is politically stable and known for its high legal reliability, providing a secure business environment that appeals to investors.

Consumer Orientation

The Japanese market prioritizes quality and brand value, leading to increased demand for high-quality products and services.

Strategic Location

Japan serves as a strategic hub in the Asia-Pacific region, offering business opportunities with neighboring countries.

Enhanced International Competitiveness

Entering the Japanese market can enhance a company’s international competitiveness and strengthen its global presence.

These benefits highlight the reasons why foreign companies consider entering the Japanese market as a promising opportunity. However, understanding the market’s unique characteristics and implementing appropriate strategies are crucial for success.


In this article, we explained the advantages of foreign companies expanding into the Japanese market. A 2004 Cabinet Office survey highlighted key attractions, including well-established infrastructure, great market potential, and high technical skill. These factors, along with Japan’s large consumer base and technological innovation, make it an enticing destination for foreign businesses. However, success hinges on understanding Japan’s unique market dynamics and tailoring strategies accordingly.


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