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Content_SEOCrown Worldwide Co., Ltd. is a part of the Crown Worldwide Group, founded in 1965 with its headquarters in Hong Kong.

The Crown Worldwide Group, with offices in over 40 countries, specializes in document storage and retrieval services, both in physical and digital formats. They also offer services such as digital imaging, media management, and confidential information disposal.


Client Background and Requirements

The client aimed to increase website traffic and had previously tried listing advertisements with limited success. Their challenges included boosting website sessions and increasing conversions.

Strategies Implemented

  1. Keyword Strategy Development
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Content SEO
  4. Off-Page SEO (Link Building and External SEO)


Key Highlights

A keyword strategy was developed, targeting keywords with potential for conversions.
On-page SEO optimization included URL directory revisions, internal link optimization, and updates to site titles and meta descriptions.
Content SEO involved creating and implementing articles aimed at achieving higher rankings.
Off-page SEO efforts focused on acquiring high-quality links from specialized owned media sources.



Various targeted keywords saw improved rankings. Notable achievements include securing the top position for a keyword with a monthly search volume of 2,900. Additionally, they reached the third position for keywords related to confidential documents.


Insights from the SEO Consultant

Consistent content SEO efforts can yield positive results for B2B business websites. Customized SEO strategies were employed for article-based search queries and service/product-focused search queries.

Building a substantial index of high-quality pages and consistently acquiring external links can lead to substantial website growth over several years. Quality content creation, including essential content elements, and internal linking to create unit content are vital aspects of content SEO.

We achieved the first position for the keyword ‘confidential documents’ with a monthly search volume of 2,900.


We also secured the third position for related keywords related to ‘confidential documents.




From the SEO consultant

SEOコンサルタントEven in B2B business websites, continuous content SEO efforts can lead to positive outcomes. SEO strategies should differ for article-based search queries and those targeting services or products, each requiring a distinct approach. By increasing the number of high-quality page indexes and consistently acquiring external links, a website can experience substantial growth over several years. In content SEO, it’s crucial to create high-quality article pages that include essential content elements and connect them through internal links to build unit content effectively.



Author Profile

SEO Consultant

Mr. Takeshi Amano, CEO of Admano Co., Ltd.

Mr. Takeshi Amano is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Nihon University. With 12 years of experience working in the advertising agency industry, he discovered SEO and began his research during the early days of SEO. He self-taught and conducted experiments and verifications on over 100 websites. Using this expertise, he founded Admano Co., Ltd., which is currently in its 11th year of operation. Mr. Amano handles sales, SEO consulting, web analytics (holding the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification), coding, and website development. The company has successfully managed SEO strategies for over 2000 websites to date.