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RS Components Co., Ltd., part of the RS Group, operates in 32 countries, providing approximately 500,000 products to over 1 million customers through the internet, catalogs, and transaction counters.



Client Background and Request

The client requested to rank within the first page for specific keywords and improve the overall site’s visibility.


Client Challenges

  • Wanted to rank for specific keywords (PLP)
  • Requested link building


Strategy Highlights and Details

  1. SEO On-Page Optimization
  2. Off-Page SEO (Link Building/External SEO)


SEO On-Page Optimization

For global company websites, modifications related to UI and UX are often controlled by the foreign headquarters, limiting changes at the local level. While title and meta description text adjustments were possible, significant UI and UX changes were not feasible.

We conducted keyword optimization by modifying titles and meta descriptions and added content to the text for better optimization. We implemented strategies to boost the ranking of PLPs (prefer landing pages) for specific keywords, focusing on additional content.


Off-Page SEO (External SEO)

We obtained high-quality links from owned media with specialized themes. Obtaining precise links to PLPs contributed to improved rankings for specific keywords.


Results After SEO Implementation

The rankings for various target keywords improved significantly.

Here are some examples:

For PLPs that were previously not ranked, we achieved rankings as high as 3rd place.

SEO Results

We also achieved rankings as high as 6th place for other keywords.

SEO Results 2


Message from the SEO Consultant

SEO ConsultantSEO techniques that can precisely rank PLPs using large-scale database-driven SEO technology are highly effective. Keyword optimization and on-page strategies alone are insufficient. Effective link building is necessary. For large-scale databases, a strategy is needed to determine whether to rank individual keywords in article frames, service pages, or product pages. The two mentioned keywords achieved higher rankings through title and meta description modifications, additional content, and external link-building strategies. If you are struggling with ranking on a large-scale EC site, please don’t hesitate to consult with us.



Supervised by

SEO Consultant

Takeshi Amano, CEO, Admano Co., Ltd.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at Nihon University, Takeshi Amano worked for an advertising agency for 12 years before encountering SEO. He began researching SEO during the early stages of its development and conducted experiments and verifications on over 100 websites. He founded his own company and is currently in his 11th year of operation. Takeshi handles sales, SEO consulting, web analytics (Google Analytics Individual Qualification holder), coding, and website creation. The company has been involved in SEO for over 2,000 websites to date.