Top Search Rankings in Japan and Thailand

Thailand achievement

SanPaul Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of industry No.1 bollards, landscape products, and flagpoles. Founded in 1970, it is an established company with 53 years of history.

The company has a presence in Thailand as well, where it manufactures and sells landscape products. In this case, we conducted separate SEO strategies for the Japanese and Thai language websites.



Client Background and Request

The Thai language website had no prior SEO efforts, and the client requested improvements for the site.


Client Challenges

  • All keywords were ranking outside the search results
  • Needed to improve rankings after selecting keywords
  • The website was merely created with no effective web traffic
  • Communication with local Thai staff was in the Thai language


Strategy Highlights and Details

  1. Keyword Strategy Development
  2. SEO On-Page Diagnostic Report
  3. Content SEO
  4. Off-Page SEO (Link Building/External SEO)


Keyword Strategy Development

We began by devising a keyword strategy to determine which search queries (keywords) to target for increased sessions. We extracted keywords searched in both Thai and English, targeting keywords for optimization in both languages.


SEO On-Page Diagnostic Report

We started creating an SEO On-Page diagnostic report to optimize the site for each keyword. The diagnostic report was prepared in the Thai language to ensure clarity for local Thai staff. Technical SEO and content SEO components were also explained in Thai.


Content SEO

Content SEO played a pivotal role as the website had thin content with minimal text. We initiated content SEO starting with column articles. We provided content in both Thai and English.


Off-Page SEO (External SEO)

We began building and operating owned media on local Thai servers to acquire backlinks from several themes.


Results After SEO Implementation

  • Keywords that were previously not ranking improved significantly
  • Received inquiries and secured orders (as reported by the department head)

We are pleased with the results and are continuing with further strategies to enhance conversions.


Message from the Overseas SEO Consultant

Overseas SEO ConsultantThe logic for SEO remains the same for both Thai and English websites. We implemented essential SEO elements such as title, meta description, and content optimization, coupled with link building and site internal improvements to achieve higher rankings. While ongoing SEO efforts are in progress, we received reports of inquiries and secured orders after commencing SEO, which is a gratifying achievement.


Supervised by

Overseas SEO Consultant

Suphawet Paveena, Overseas SEO Consultant

After graduating with a BBA in Business Information Systems from Assumption International University in Thailand, Suphawet Paveena pursued postgraduate studies in the UK. He earned an MA in International Business Management from Greenwich University in London. Following graduation, he worked at ExxonMobil Thailand. He is trilingual, proficient in English, Thai, and Japanese. With numerous achievements in overseas SEO, he has a strong background in SEO.