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We create content compatible with the Helpful Content System,
aligned with EEAT and user search intent.
We can accommodate articles in Japanese, Thai, and English.

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Do you have these concerns?

  • ネイティブ記事が欲しい

    Japanese SEO Article Wanted

    Want a Japanese Article Well-Received by Local Japanese

  • Googleで上位表示する記事

    SEO Writing Article Doesn't Rank High

    Want Content for an Article that Ranks High in SEO

  • 英語のキーワード戦略

    Can't Write Specialized Articles

    No Writers Available to Write Articles in Specialized Genres.

  • トンマナを合わせた英語記事

    Slow Speed, Unkind and High Cost

    Current Outsourcing is Slow, Unresponsive, and Expensive

For your concerns,
our professional team will provide a solution.

  • "concerns01

    Lack of Internal Resources and Know-How in Article Creation

    If you're a web manager who's suddenly found yourself responsible for content SEO, struggling to achieve desired results, or needing to prepare SEO content articles internally but unsure where to start, please consult us. We can assist in establishing a system that enables in-house content article writing, from building the infrastructure to directing writers and writing the content. Whether it's guidance or full execution, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • "concerns02

    Unable to Rank High.Articles Created Don't Make it into the Rankings

    If your company can create articles internally but struggles to rank for targeted keywords, resulting in no increase in website traffic, please consult us. We can help you create articles with SEO techniques that capture traffic for your desired keywords. Our approach includes writing articles with a focus on conversion, enabling the creation of content that leads to increased sales.
  • concerns03

    Unable to Write Specialized Articles

    There are no writers specialized in specific genres. To create a single article, multiple hearings and meetings are conducted. A concept proposal is submitted, and thorough research is undertaken, consuming a lot of time and effort. In Google's core update for the Helpful Content System, articles with high originality, expertise, and realistic content derived from experience are ranked higher. To produce high-quality articles, a significant amount of time and effort is required.
  • concerns04

    Slow Speed, Poor Outsourcing Response, and High Costs

    Our company emphasizes not only maintaining quality but also focusing on delivery speed. We are also working on creating a system to offer our services at as low a cost as possible. Our content directors, committed to providing the best service, are all long-standing staff with SEO knowledge. The team of writers consists of individuals who have been contracted with our company for several years. With this solid structure, we support our clients steadfastly.

Features of SEO Writing Article Creation Service

We analyze your website and suggest the direction of articles needed.
After setting the keywords, we create articles that will rank high, achieving improved rankings and customer attraction.

  • 高いSEO技術×デジタルマーケティング戦略

    Time-Intensive and Creative Thought in Article Production

    To create a single article, we meticulously investigate everything from the overall strategy of the site to the keyword strategy for the needed article. We dedicate time and effort through repeated hearings and meetings. To produce high-quality articles, we conduct brainstorming sessions for creative thinking within our team, resulting in the creation of highly original articles.

  • 業界問わず幅広い実績

    Articles Strong in SEO for the Latest Algorithm Compatibility

    With the latest update to the Helpful Content System, achieving top rankings in SEO articles has become increasingly challenging. Articles are meaningless if they are not read. Therefore, it is crucial to rank high in SEO. Our company creates articles with unique themes in line with EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and the search intent of readers, ensuring that we can promptly adapt to algorithm changes after core updates. We always incorporate the latest SEO techniques to lead to success

  • 親身に対応するコンサルタントとの伴走

    Articles That Are Read Matching Search Intent

    An article that matches the search intent and is read is one that provides content responsive to the specific needs and questions of users who enter keywords into a search engine. These articles offer value by solving the user's problems or providing the necessary information, resulting in high engagement and shareability.

SEO Article Creation Services

Tokyo SEO Maker can handle a wide range of requests from a single article to a large volume of articles.

  • 1.Hearing

    Before creating high-quality SEO writing articles, it's essential to conduct multiple hearings and meetings to understand the client's services. We determine the KPIs for article production based on a deep understanding of the client's business, monetization strategies, and market. We collect unique primary information and information with high expertise and authority owned by the client to decide what type of articles to create.

  • 2.Research & Strategic Planning

    For article creation, considerable time is spent on competitor research, investigating user search intentions, and keyword research to formulate a strategy. After completing each research phase, persona design and the design of mid-to-long term goals and KPIs are undertaken. We identify the "to-do" items for the necessary articles in each phase for media growth. Research essential for creating articles that can adapt to the latest algorithms is conducted.

  • 3.Creation of Article Structure Proposal

    After determining the persona of the intended readers, we create a concept proposal before content writing, focusing on what to convey to the readers and how they will be satisfied after reading. To clarify the target demographic and content overview, we ask for the client's review at the stage of the structure proposal. Incorporating the client's opinions, we continue to develop a better structure proposal.

  • 4.Article Writing

    Following the article's concept proposal, skilled writers begin writing on the determined theme. Especially in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) area, which directly relates to people's lives and health, we conduct meetings and coordinate with experts to supervise the articles. Additionally, we aim to produce unique articles incorporating E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness, Experience), which is crucial for SEO.

  • 5.Article Implementation Assistance

    We assist in uploading the created article content to the media. We post using various CMS like WordPress, including photos. We can also handle coding as static pages, reducing the workload of the in-house coding team.

  • 6.Effectiveness Verification

    Once the client's articles are uploaded to the site, we regularly monitor metrics such as session numbers. We continuously analyze which articles are performing well and which are not, and proceed with article creation based on this analysis. If in-housing is desired, we provide the necessary know-how. We generously share our expertise in article production.


Japanese SEO Writing Article

  • 日本語SEOライティング記事のサンプル

    After receiving the initial drafts from our writers, we enhance them with our sophisticated SEO techniques. Our content directors meticulously edit these pieces to ensure they align with both search engine optimization principles and user needs.

    In compliance with our submission guidelines, we manage the content to maintain a uniform tone and style throughout the site. Recognizing the growing significance of the user’s customer journey in SEO, we pay close attention to internal linking and the integration of both UI and UX elements. This approach allows us to deliver articles that offer an improved user experience.

English SEO Writing Article

  • 英語SEOライティング記事のサンプル

    We deliver English SEO articles that are not only vetted by native English speakers but also equipped with SEO techniques to achieve high rankings on Google. It's important to note that American English and British English differ in their word usage. We tailor our articles to match the tone and style of the local native English as well as to align with the local Google algorithms.

    Our team comprises international SEO consultants specialized in creating English SEO articles. With a track record of delivering various articles, we have extensive experience in serving clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore.

Thai SEO Writing Article

  • タイ語のSEOライティング記事のサンプル

    We provide Thai SEO articles that are thoroughly reviewed by native Thai speakers and integrated with SEO techniques to ensure high Google rankings.

    The supervision of our Thai SEO articles is conducted by our in-house global SEO consultant from Thailand. A trilingual expert in English, Thai, and Japanese, our consultant graduated from Assumption University of Thailand, pursued postgraduate studies in the UK at the University of Greenwich, majoring in International Business, and has worked at the Thai branch of ExxonMobil in the United States. With extensive experience in providing SEO consulting for major multinational corporations, we assure the delivery of high-quality SEO writing articles.

Case Studies of SEO Consulting for Global Companies

Crown Worldwide Co., Ltd.

The Crown Worldwide Group, composed of various business units that provide services to companies around the world, operates in 54 countries with 10,000 clients and has 5,000 staff members in 15 countries.

Web Traffic Acquisition through Listing Ads and SEO
Advertising Operations Consulting and SEO Consulting
SEO/Listing Ads(ppc ads) Organic Search Traffic Volume:
2.6 Times in 3 Months
Target Keywords:
Ranked from 102 to 178 in 3 Months

About consulting team

SEO consultant SEO consultant SEO consultant
SEO Consultant
Takeshi Amano
He is a marketing expert holding a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ). After graduating from Nihon University’s Faculty of Law, he broadened his international perspective and language skills through extensive travel in Australia, Italy, France, Thailand, Cambodia, and a year-and-a-half-long stay in the UK. Before founding Admano in 2012, he gained 12 years of valuable sales experience in an advertising agency.
International Web Consultant
Web Analytics Consultant
Paveena Suphawet
A trilingual professional in English, Thai, and Japanese, she has numerous achievements in international SEO. She studied the latest IT technologies at Assumption International University, Thailand, and majored in International Business at the University of Greenwich, UK. Following her tenure at ExxonMobil’s Thai branch, she became a key member of Admano from its establishment.
SEO Consultant
Web Analyst
Ayaka Kuragami
SEO consultant and web analyst, backed by extensive experience in web production. Starting her career as a coder, she developed expertise in UI/UX design and analytics. Her transition to an SEO consultant and web analyst was driven by her diverse experiences in website creation, enabling her to develop specialized strategies for our clients.

Our Published Works

Bringing you the latest book info from Tokyo SEO Maker.

Tokyo SEO Maker's 2023 Ultimate Guide to SEO

Tokyo SEO Maker's 2023 Ultimate Guide to SEO

Covering the basics to advanced SEO as of 2023. Perfect for beginners too.It is a Japanese book.

ChatGPT × SEO Writing Practical Techniques

ChatGPT × SEO Writing Practical Techniques

Learn how to secure top search rankings with text generated by ChatGPT.It is a Japanese book.

Surviving the New Age of DX: Latest Business Strategies for SMEs:

Surviving the New Age of DX: Latest Business Strategies for SMEs:

A comprehensive guide to essential marketing knowledge and cutting-edge business strategies every business owner should know.It is a Japanese book.

DX新時代に中小企業が生き残る 最新企業戦略:~デジタルマーケティングの恩恵による事業拡大~

Breaking into JAPAN SEO

This is the first English book aimed at the foreign market. It is available on Amazon in 12 countries worldwide. It provides a detailed explanation in English about SEO for foreign companies to succeed in Japan.

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SEO Article Management Process

SEO Article Management Process

  • STEP01

    Inquiry & Request

    Please contact us through the inquiry form
    or call us at 03-5394-8107 for inquiries and requests.

  • STEP02

    Free Proposal & Estimate

    We will create a proposal and estimate for you.

    Initially, we conduct keyword research for WEB contents and,
    based on the findings, we create a suitable proposal
    and estimate in line with your budget.

  • STEP03


    We will propose measures that can be provided according to your budget.

    Based on the proposal, we will explain the scope of measures according to your budget.
    We strive for clear and polite explanations.

  • STEP04

    Contract & Payment

    After thoroughly considering our proposal,
    you will enter into a contract with us.

    Once agreed, we proceed with the contract.
    After completion, we request payment based on the contract terms
    (six months' worth of payment in advance).

  • STEP05

    Start of SEO Writing Article Composition

    Upon confirmation of your payment, we will commence the writing of the SEO article.

    Once the structure of the SEO writing article is established, we will have it reviewed to decide on the direction of the article.

    • We also create internal links, titles, and meta descriptions.
    • We will align the concept and direction of the article as many times as necessary.
  • STEP06

    Delivery of SEO Writing Articles

    The delivery of SEO writing articles will be done as each article is completed.

    We will provide a detailed report every month on the progress and results achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Writing?
SEO writing is a method of creating web content that implements SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings, making it easier for users to find your website. This approach strategically enhances the visibility and accessibility of your website's content in search engine results.
Which Keywords Should You Choose?
The selection of keywords depends on how your target users search for information. It is advisable to choose keywords with high search volumes and low competition. This strategy helps to optimize your content's visibility and effectiveness in reaching the desired audience.
How Can You Learn SEO Writing?
There are numerous online resources available for learning about SEO writing. These include blog posts, tutorials, webinars, and online courses. Additionally, many books have been published on SEO. However, the most important aspect is learning through practice. It's crucial to try out SEO strategies, evaluate the results, and adjust your strategies as needed.
Can I Place an Order Starting with One Article?
Yes, you can place an order starting from one article. However, we require a minimum of 5,000 characters for each article.
How Long is the Delivery Time?
The delivery time varies depending on the number of articles and the industry, but on average, we can deliver between 10 to 20 articles in around one month.
What Sets Us Apart from Other Companies?
We do more than just create articles; we create each article with a detailed persona in mind. Furthermore, we conduct in-depth interviews to gain a deep understanding of your services and industry.
Can I See the Quality of Your Articles?
Upon your request, we can provide you with actual articles that we have written in the past.

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