Improvement of PPC Advertising

Listing Ads on Google and Yahoo!

By strategically linking SEO and listing ads, you can eliminate waste and achieve results.
Professionals will improve the operation of ads that lead to conversions.

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Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • Which Type of Advertising is Best?

    Which Type of Advertising is Best?

    Unable to choose the type and kind of advertising for budget allocation.

  • Unsure if Results are Being Achieved

    Unsure if Results are Being Achieved

    Operating ads but not seeing results commensurate with the budget.

  • Unclear Operational Status

    The report and operational status is unclear.

    Outsourcing has been entrusted, yet unsure of effectiveness due to unclear reports.

  • Different language and cultural barriers

    Different language and cultural barriers

    Ineffective advertising due to the different languages and cultures.

For your concerns, our professional team will provide a solution.

  • concerns01

    Can't choose the type of advertising or how to allocate the budget

    In listing ads, there are search-linked ads and display ads. Search-linked ads are cost-effective, while display ads are suitable for retargeting. Leave the allocation of advertising budget and strategic settings to us.
  • concerns02

    Running ads but not getting results commensurate with the budget

    To improve cost-effectiveness in PPC advertising, there is a fair amount of know-how in keyword strategy and ad posting methods. We will produce results through ad operations linked with WEB analysis.
  • concerns03

    Uncertain about the effectiveness due to lack of visibility into operations

    We share countermeasure content through detailed reports and online meetings that make the operation visible. You will understand the points where effects are produced.An English-speaking advertising operations consultant provides detailed reports on foreign advertising performance.
  • concerns04

    Different language and cultural barriers

    To overcome the barriers of different languages and cultures, local market research and the expertise of local professionals are essential. By employing advertising operations with native checks proficient in local marketing, we can improve cost-effectiveness. Understanding cultural nuances enables us to make appropriate advertising appeals.

Three Reasons for Being Chosen

Tokyo SEO Maker improves cost-effectiveness through various strategic listing ad operations,
ensuring increased sales and supporting business growth.

  • 継続率95%以上の運用実績

    Over 95% Retention Rate in Operations

    Not only do we improve the cost-effectiveness of listing ads, but we also aim for "increased sales" through our consulting expertise. Our service has a retention rate of 95%, earning the trust of many clients. We have over 12 years of experience in ad operations, working with more than 2,000 companies across a wide range of industries.

  • WEB解析と広告運用の連動

    Integration of Web Analytics and Ad

    The operation of listing ads is crucially dependent on three keyword strategies (transaction queries, information queries, navigation queries) and the extraction of CV keywords through web analytics. We maximize cost-effectiveness through collaboration with web analysts.

  • チームによる運用とコンサル

    Team-based Operations and Consulting

    We achieve efficient account improvement through collaboration between consulting and operational departments. Our specialized competitor research team and web analytics team provide rapid responses, and industry-specific expert teams offer support. Our professional ad operators provide high-quality, cost-effective advertising plans.

Service Introduction

Tokyo SEO Maker provides services from strategy planning to performance improvement in a seamless manner.

  • Strategy Planning

    We conduct research on your services and competitors, and formulate a keyword strategy based on data analysis. Whether it's search-linked ads or display ad retargeting, we tailor our approach according to the specific purpose.

  • Ad Creation

    We handle the creation of display ad banners for listing ads, as well as the production of landing pages. A dedicated landing page is essential for conversions (CV) from listing ads.

  • WEB Ad Operation

    We optimize the cost-per-click while initiating ad operations. Through machine learning, we adjust the ad placements from a broad and shallow market to gradually segmented target advertising.

  • Performance Improvement

    We work on improving the cost-effectiveness of your ads. We conduct attribution analysis and Landing Page Optimization (LPO) as well as Entry Form Optimization (EFO), and carry out A/B tests as needed.

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Our Published Works

Bringing you the latest book info from Tokyo SEO Maker.

Tokyo SEO Maker's 2023 Ultimate Guide to SEO

Tokyo SEO Maker's 2023 Ultimate Guide to SEO

Covering the basics to advanced SEO as of 2023. Perfect for beginners too.It is a Japanese book.

ChatGPT × SEO Writing Practical Techniques

ChatGPT × SEO Writing Practical Techniques

Learn how to secure top search rankings with text generated by ChatGPT.It is a Japanese book.

Surviving the New Age of DX: Latest Business Strategies for SMEs:

Surviving the New Age of DX: Latest Business Strategies for SMEs:

A comprehensive guide to essential marketing knowledge and cutting-edge business strategies every business owner should know.It is a Japanese book.

DX新時代に中小企業が生き残る 最新企業戦略:~デジタルマーケティングの恩恵による事業拡大~

Breaking into JAPAN SEO

This is the first English book aimed at the foreign market. It is available on Amazon in 12 countries worldwide. It provides a detailed explanation in English about SEO for foreign companies to succeed in Japan.

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WEB Advertising Operation Process

WEB Advertising Operation Process

  • STEP01

    Inquiry & Request

    Please contact us through the inquiry form
    or call us at 03-5394-8107 for inquiries and requests.

  • STEP02

    Free Proposal & Estimate

    We will create a proposal and estimate for you.

    Initially, we conduct keyword research for WEB advertising and,
    based on the findings, we create a suitable proposal
    and estimate in line with your budget.

  • STEP03


    We will propose measures that can be provided according to your budget.

    Based on the proposal, we will explain the scope of measures according to your budget.
    If necessary, we can also visit your company within the Kanto region.
    We strive for clear and polite explanations.

  • STEP04

    Contract & Payment

    After thoroughly considering our proposal,
    you will enter into a contract with us.

    Once agreed, we proceed with the contract.
    After completion, we request payment based on the contract terms
    (six months' worth of payment in advance).

  • STEP05

    WEB Advertising Strategy Implementation

    As soon as the payment is confirmed,
    we initiate the WEB advertising strategies.

    The presence or absence of a Landing Page (LP) is crucial for Conversion Rate (CV),
    so verification is essential. We formulate a customer acquisition strategy and proceed with the measures.

    • Types of WEB Advertising Employed
    • Whether Listing Ads are Search-Linked or Display Ads
  • STEP06

    Monthly Reporting on WEB Advertising Strategies

    After starting the SEO strategy, we will send you a rank fluctuation report every month.

    After the commencement of WEB advertising strategies, we send you a detailed report on progress and results every month.


What is the Purpose of WEB Advertising?
The purpose of WEB advertising includes improving brand awareness, promoting the sales of products or services, and increasing traffic to websites.
What Types of WEB Advertising are There?
There are various formats in WEB advertising. Listing ads include search-linked ads and display ads. Social media ads, video ads, and native ads are also types of WEB advertising. Retargeting ads targeting past visitors are often used in display banners within listing ads.
How Should the Budget for WEB Advertising be Determined?
The budget setting for WEB advertising depends on the goals, strategy, and type of ads. Initially, it's good to allocate a test budget to evaluate the performance of the ads. Subsequently, the budget is adjusted based on ROI (Return on Investment) and conversion rates.
What are Listing Ads?
Listing ads are advertisements that appear when a user enters a specific keyword in a search engine. Advertisers bid on keywords, and the ad's display ranking is determined by the bid amount and ad quality. This allows for immediate display of ads that match the user's search intent.
What are Retargeting Ads?
Retargeting ads are a method of displaying ads to users who have once visited a website. This enables re-approaching users who showed interest but did not proceed to purchase.
How to Choose an Agency for Listing Ads?
In choosing an agency for listing ads, factors for comparison include the agency's track record, experience, services offered, communication style, methods for improving cost-effectiveness, and agency fees.
What Techniques are Effective for Optimizing Ad Operations?
Effective techniques for ad operation optimization include finding the optimal ad elements through A/B testing, guiding visitors to revisit through retargeting, adjusting budget and bidding strategies, user segmentation, and optimizing landing pages. All these are adjusted according to the purpose and target.


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