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We are a professional SEO team based in Japan, specializing in SEO consulting and strategies
for foreign enterprises and services looking to expand into the Japanese market.

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Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • 戦略が描けない

    Struggling with language barriers

    Can't communicate in English or don't understand Japanese.

  • 成果が出ない

    Unfamiliar with Japanese SEO

    Unfamiliar with Japanese SEO and web marketing strategies.

  • ノウハウがない

    Lacking insights into consumer behavior

    Lacking insights into japanese consumer behavior, needs.

  • 行き詰っている

    No conversions or inquiries

    Experiencing little conversions or inquiries.

For your concerns, our professional team will provide a solution.

  • Problem Case01

    Struggling with language barriers: Can't communicate.

    Unable to Implement Effective SEO Strategies Due to Language and Cultural Barriers Japanese language and culture are unique, making it difficult for non-Japanese individuals to navigate and implement successful SEO strategies. In particular, SEO in Japan has its own distinct set of rules and practices that don't align with methods used in other countries.
  • Problem Case02

    Unfamiliar with Japanese SEO and web marketing strategies.

    With 12 years of experience in SEO within Japan, we've handled SEO for over 2000 companies. Our expertise spans across various industries, from B2B to B2C businesses. We can provide optimal strategies and support, tailored by our native SEO consultants who are well-versed in Japan's unique web marketing and SEO landscape.
  • Problem Case03

    Lacking insights into japanese consumer behavior.

    Lack of Understanding of Japanese Consumer Behavior, Needs, Cultural Trends, and Preferences Japanese consumer behavior and needs are highly unique, and there are significant cultural differences in preferences and sensibilities. Collaborating with local professionals like us allows you to better understand the needs and cultural nuances of target regions within Japan.
  • Problem Case04

    Experiencing little conversions or inquiries.

    The UI and UX of most foreign websites differ significantly from what Japanese consumers prefer. If you're looking to increase your conversion rates and the number of inquiries, it's essential to implement CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies tailored for a Japanese audience. Strategies specific to Japan are crucial for building a site that encourages higher conversion rates. We offer comprehensive support, from boosting your conversion rates to expanding sales.

Three Reasons to Choose Tokyo SEO Maker

Tokyo SEO Maker has over 12 years of experience, serving more than 2000 companies within Japan.
We specialize in supporting foreign companies in their expansion into the Japanese market.

  • 高いSEO技術×デジタルマーケティング戦略

    English-speaking SEO consultant.

    We have dedicated SEO consultants who are proficient in business English and have over 5 years of experience living abroad. They are available to support foreign companies that are unfamiliar with Japan. Our consultants have a career spanning over 10 years in SEO and can directly communicate in English, allowing for detailed explanations of SEO strategies tailored for the Japanese market.

  • 業界問わず幅広い実績

    Specialized in Inbound SEO for Foreign Companies

    Very few SEO companies in Japan offer consultants who are proficient in both SEO and English. We are one of the rare firms specializing in inbound SEO for foreign companies, supporting global enterprises in their expansion into the Japanese market. We can cater to a wide range of industries, from B2B to B2C businesses.

  • 親身に対応するコンサルタントとの伴走

    Well-versed in the Japanese algorithm.

    With over 10 years of studying Japan's Google algorithms, we have an in-depth understanding of the unique quirks and trends of ranking in Japan. We possess the technical know-how to determine the kind of on-site optimization required and the type of external links that boost rankings—skills that are specific to Japanese SEO companies. We are the only company in Japan that can manage all aspects of SEO measures in-house.

Service Introduction

Tokyo SEO Maker offers a comprehensive range of services, from strategic planning to performance improvement.

  • onpage seo

    In Japanese SEO, the importance of internal SEO measures—from keyword optimization to technical SEO—is significant. We offer a consistent approach, ranging from keyword strategy to internal site modifications.

  • off page seo

    In Japan, purchasing external links is not permitted and is considered 'Black Hat SEO.' Very few companies in Japan offer external link sales. Most external links operate on a rental model, which terminates once the contract ends.

  • Content SEO

    We offer the delivery of SEO articles that are optimized for high search engine rankings, starting from a single article. We provide unit-based Content SEO that includes topic-clustered column articles. A 12-article pack is priced at ¥385,000 (tax included). We also offer guidance on Content SEO and support for in-house operations.

  • Web Analytics

    In our 6-month course, we conduct web analytics at the 3-month and 6-month marks. Analysis is performed by a GA4-certified expert, who uses data-driven insights to identify areas for site improvement and user retention after each session.

  • CRO Strategies

    A common issue with foreign-owned websites is that, despite ranking highly in SEO, they do not convert well. This occurs because the sites are not designed with conversion pathways and design elements that cater to the Japanese audience. We implement CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies specifically designed to improve conversion rates among Japanese users.

  • UI/UX

    Our team specializing in inbound SEO for foreign companies is led by a global consultant who majored in International Business at a British graduate school. Team members hold GA4 certifications and have more than 10 years of experience in SEO. Comprised of web analysts, SEO technical engineers, and content directors, our team shares proven strategies for success and implements effective measures.

Download Service Documentation.

Our Published Works

Bringing you the latest book info from Tokyo SEO Maker.

Tokyo SEO Maker's 2023 Ultimate Guide to SEO

Tokyo SEO Maker's 2023 Ultimate Guide to SEO

Covering the basics to advanced SEO as of 2023. Perfect for beginners too.It is a Japanese book.

ChatGPT × SEO Writing Practical Techniques

ChatGPT × SEO Writing Practical Techniques

Learn how to secure top search rankings with text generated by ChatGPT.It is a Japanese book.

Surviving the New Age of DX: Latest Business Strategies for SMEs:

Surviving the New Age of DX: Latest Business Strategies for SMEs:

A comprehensive guide to essential marketing knowledge and cutting-edge business strategies every business owner should know.It is a Japanese book.

DX新時代に中小企業が生き残る 最新企業戦略:~デジタルマーケティングの恩恵による事業拡大~

Breaking into JAPAN SEO

This is the first English book aimed at the foreign market. It is available on Amazon in 12 countries worldwide. It provides a detailed explanation in English about SEO for foreign companies to succeed in Japan.

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Japanese Consultants


SEO Consultant
Takeshi Amano
He is a marketing expert holding a GAIQ. After graduating from Nihon University’s Faculty of Law, he broadened his international perspective and language skills through extensive travel in Australia, Italy, France, Thailand, Cambodia, and a year-and-a-half-long stay in the UK. Before founding Admano in 2012, he gained 12 years of valuable sales experience in an advertising agency.


SEO Consultant
Web Analyst
Ayaka Kuragami
SEO consultant and web analyst, backed by extensive experience in web production. Starting her career as a coder, she developed expertise in UI/UX design and analytics. Her transition to an SEO consultant and web analyst was driven by her diverse experiences in website creation, enabling her to develop specialized strategies for our clients.


SEO Consultant
Web marketer
Noriyoshi Otaki
A specialist involved in advertising operations and recruitment support for many years. Holder of Google Analytics Individual Qualification GAIQ. Worked in an advertising agency for 20 years, supporting various advertising contents, mainly in the recruitment field, as a marketer. After joining Admano, responsible primarily for job site SEO and owned media strategic planning consultation.

International Web Consultant


SEO Consultant
Web Analyst
Paveena Suphawet
A trilingual professional in English, Thai, and Japanese, she has numerous achievements in international SEO. She studied the latest IT technologies at Assumption International University, Thailand, and majored in International Business at the University of Greenwich, UK. After She worked at ExxonMobil’s in Thai, she became a member of Admano.


SEO Consultant
Web director
Mathieu,Julien VILLARD
Graduated from the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Grenoble in France, obtained a Brevet de technicien supérieur MCO (Management of Commercial Operations), and a Diplôme Européen d’Études Supérieures en Marketing (European Diploma in Advanced Marketing Studies). Currently responsible for Japanese public relations in the nuclear industry at a French company, with deep knowledge of Japanese culture and history. Skilled in coding and technical SEO. Active as a representative at Admano’s French branch.


SEO Consultant
Web director
Greer Julianna Hope
Experienced Native English-speaking Copywriter and Marketing Expert skilled in crafting compelling content, implementing effective marketing strategies. Proficient in American SEO techniques and website design. Dedicated to maximizing brand impact and optimizing online presence. Graduated from New Media Communications. New media is any media that are delivered digitally. Earning a degree make me an excellent way to develop a wide array of skills to work in media and technology across many industries.

Flow of SEO Measures


  • STEP01

    Inquiries and Requests

    For inquiries and requests, please contact us through the inquiry form or by phone at 03-5394-8107.

  • STEP02

    Free Proposal & Free Estimates.

    We will prepare a proposal and an estimate for you.

    First, we will conduct SEO keyword research, and based on the research results, we will create an appropriate proposal and estimate tailored to your budget.

  • STEP03


    We will propose measures that can be provided according to your budget.

    Based on the proposal, we will explain the scope of measures that can be taken according to your budget. If necessary, online meetings are also possible. We strive to provide clear and detailed explanations.

  • STEP04

    Contract and Payment.

    After thoroughly reviewing the proposal, you may proceed with the contract.

    If the client agrees to the proposal, we will proceed with the contract. Once the contract is complete, we kindly request payment for six months in advance, based on the terms of the contract.

  • STEP05

    Start of SEO Measures

    As soon as we confirm the payment, we will start the SEO measures

    We will start internal SEO measures(on page seo) and external SEO measures(off page seo)

  • STEP06

    Monthly SEO Report(Every Month)

    After the initiation of the SEO measures, we will send you monthly performance reports to keep you updated on the progress and results.

    We will visualize and report the progress of your SEO rankings and the status of acquired backlinks to keep you informed on the effectiveness of our strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a consultant who speaks English attend the meeting?
Yes, it's possible. I will participate via an online meeting.
Please tell me about the payment system.
We ask for payment in advance for a 6-month contract.
Can I request the entire scope of web marketing in Japan?
Yes, it is possible. We provide web customer acquisition strategies tailored to your company's services.
I'd like to pay in dollars or pounds. Is that possible?
Yes, it is possible.
Can you also translate the site into Japanese?
Yes, it is possible. After translating, we will do SEO writing to ensure a higher ranking in search results.
Can you also handle website development?
Yes, it is possible. We can create a website with SEO techniques incorporated from the start.

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