Our SEO Service For English Speaker

Our SEO Service For English Speaker

SEO services and success case study introduction.

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The professional of SEO company,Tokyo Seo Maker.

  • 10 years through over 1,000 clients has been supported
  • extensively and longly researched in search engine algorithms
  • “unique know-how” either domestic and oversea SEO
  • 格安SEO】means low-cost SEO , rank NO.1 in GOOGLE



TOKYO SEO MAKER          Our features


feature 1  in-house SEO

Reducing cost along with improving the high efficiency work flow by RPA robot has been used.
We have achieved high quality service at a low price by in-house work.

feature 2  analysis the website

The condition of each website is unalike, so we will take appropriately analysis according to website`s condition.
It is essential to grasp the current situation by thorough our analysis

feature 3    catch up with latest SEO

We keep on researching to get up-to-date of google algorism, always establish cutting-edge SEO strategies. We are producing results by identifying the appropriate method by professional perspective.

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The core of  SEO strategy to be implemented


We will support SEO strategies by improving the website`s internal and external links at the same time.

Internal link strategy
  • SEO technical( site redesign, internal link optimization, conductor design, structured data, core web vital support etc.)
  • SEO content( Keyword selection, unit content, keyword strategy diagram )
  • E-A-T Reinforcement
External link strategy
  • Existing back link investigation
  • Reject the poor quality of external link
  • Competitive backlink investigation
  • Owned media building
  • Penalty Removal


SEO support structure


Sales Manager

Contact directly with clients


  • Internal SEO strategies
  • Preparation of site internal amending diagnosis report
  • Acquisition of external links
  • Building owned media
  • Creating report


  • Competitive Content Checking
  • Creation of content instruction manuals
  • Content Creation
  • Writer management

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successfuldata1SEO can’t succeed by using only internal strategy method or only external links, or even good quality content, but need to be a combination of all three.  It will steadily improve the ranking.>>more detail

  • Site internals are weak
  • Very few external links
  • Content is also weak
  • Keyword optimization
  • Strengthen internal links
  • Adding content
  • Acquiring good external links




data2It needs  good quality content pages to improve the ranking.
We serve the good quality article for  contents.>>more detail

  • Site internals are weak
  • Very few external links
  • Content nothing
  • Keyword optimization
  • Strengthen internal links
  • Adding content
  • Acquiring good external links

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service charge remark
1 SEO Keyword Amending Document 50,000 YEN one-shot & fixed payment
2 SEO Technical Amending Document 50,000 YEN one-shot & fixed payment
3 Contents SEO document
(Keyword Strategy Included)
50,000 YEN one-shot & fixed payment
4 External Link Building course 100,000~500,000YEN per month
⇒owned media   websites (direct link)
⇒variety websites(indirect link/network link)
⇒earned media (natural link)
5 contents
1 article (3000 words) 30,000 YEN
24 articles 720,0000 YEN 24 articles for six month


Japan’s  SEO is  unique algorithm


about external link,The difference between Japan SEO and Global SEO is a especially unique in external link.

Japan SEO external link is so strict more than other country one.

To get external link need to be very careful. Thus, our company does the owned media. After we got the orders, we created the original owned media for each clients.


【point1】 analyzing domain


  • ☑we use the expired (second-hand) domain  for creating our owned media.
  • ☑to choose expired domain for Japanese website are different from the other countries
  • ☑DA will be verified (domain authority have to be from over5 through under20)
  • ☑ we are very specialist in the expired domain diagnose,which are the key of successful into external link.


【point2】 quality content


  • ☑we use the highly quality articles for creating our owned media.
  • ☑we have the special web contents writer team.
  • ☑content in owned media (satellite website) are utility and relevant to client website.
  • ☑once owned media launch in social network, we will post new article in every months.


【point3】 satellite website


  • ☑for each satellite website, doing only one route of external link to client website.
  • ☑site title/ logo/ banner/layout, which were made in original creation
  • ☑anchor text  (link label) of external link is very important
  • ☑each satellite website has owned anchor text style


【point4】 IP address allocation


  • ☑each owned media (satellite website) create under different server.
  • ☑we have more than 100 servers.
  • ☑ difference in IP address allocation is defined


【point5】 power to rank on


  • ☑Even though there are paid and earned media including skyscraper SEO technique, but our original owned media is more stronger power to rank on.

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our external link example


  • original basis type(same theme)
  • original pick up suggestion website type
  • we also pick up the competitor websites.
  • Variety website( Curation website ) 2step link(indirect link)
  • these external link of variety website will do only outbounce link to original website (owned media)
    (area site) ※focus on the specific area cases
    (knowledge site) ※※focus on the theme knowledge(like Wikipedia)


We also welcome the customers who have failed SEO or have not achieved  great results from other SEO companies. As well as, clients who are new comer in SEO, please feel free to contact us for any enquiry.


This page does not show our knowledge/expertise, that is the core of Tokyo SEO maker. Nevertheless, if we get connection, we fully pass on our knowledge to the customers who place an order with us.

Tokyo SEO maker:(+81) 03-5394-8107

Person in charge :Takeshi Amano



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